The Sonic Writer

Double eX: Chapter 0-4

Chapter 0-4: One Shot.
Rating: MA
Words: 1003
Genre: Romance, Action 

???? ??, ????.  A luxury hotel room in Phoenix, AZ.

“Oh shit, please give it to me!  Fucking give it to me!” The slender-bodied blue-and-orange-haired otaku screamed loud enough for the Gideons bible in the dresser drawer to come to life, shaking as much as the twin-sized bed beside it.  Bare-naked and objectionably submissive, she was writhing in anticipation for her partner to enter her.  She laid herself out spread, inviting him as she clutched her left pierced breast with her left hand and gently rubbed her clitoris with the other.  Her green eyes were telling him, “Come to me!  Fuck me.  Ravage me.”

And her partner was Vermillion Volt, the douchebag with a disclaimer; and the only Dom capable of handling this one.  

The jacked white-haired and red-eyed dark-skinned male stood over her in between her knees bare-naked, his hands clutched onto her lower thighs, a look of madness in his seemingly pulsating eyes as he leaned down and yelled at her while pointing to his groin, “you fucking want this?  You want this, you bitch?”  

She moaned as she nodded quickly.  “Yes, daddy…”

He took his right hand off her thigh and clutched her throat.  “You aren’t allowed to speak yet, slut!  I didn’t tell you to make that sound yet.  You’re not allowed to fucking speak words or not do anything until I say fucking so, got me!?”  

She nodded quickly.  He choked her for her response, leaving his index finger out and in her mouth for her to suck like his dick.  She obliged him after a moment of lost breath as he loosened up while he pushed himself on top and entered her dripping hole.  

He couldn’t stop going when he started, she clawed onto his upper back while she gasped each time the magnum was forcefully holstered inside her freshly-shaven soul-hole.  She felt every blood vessel along the walls of her vagina, unable to do nothing more than tense up, make it tighter, and wrap herself around him so he would keep going on and on.  She had never been with anyone other than lighter-toned and skinnier men: this was her first experience with someone she couldn’t predict.  This guy was a pro.

After several minutes, he stood up with her still latched onto him, picked her off with his pumped-up arms, threw her down on the bed and smacked her hard on the chest, hard enough to register as a gunshot.  The force alone shook almost every bone in her body; the red mark was painted onto her skin as he removed his hand from his canvas.  It caused her to squirm uncontrollably, a bit of drooling with her eyes rolling back to her head from the amount of pleasure it gave her.  

“Ohhhhhhhh shit!”  She shouted, “don’t hit me again, daddy!”

Of course, he continued.  Each smack in a different spot, louder than the previous ones before, increasing his power proportional to the sounds that came out of her.  It sounded like borderline animal abuse.  

And at the penultimate moment, he stopped when he heard Audioslave, groaning in disgust knowing his misfortune.  His hair-color returned to its natural black, the curls coming back as his eyes went from a pale red with white pupils to dark brown and black.  The amount of anger he had for his cell was only topped by the amount of damage he caused to the room, a portion of it focused on his date.

“This better be fucking good.”  Vermillion said as he answered his phone, trying to tone himself down.  

“I can’t talk… I need someone to chill out with, man.”  Said a familiar voice over the line.  Vermillion wasn’t too thrilled to hear the guy who was talking to him, and he responded with grimace. “I really can’t talk, bruddah.”  He spoke, changing to voice to one of a high-pitched Rasta.  “I’m in da middle of somethin’.  Get at me laters, kah?”

“I-I…I can’t-”  The guy on the other end said as Vermillion hung up the phone, shut it off and then tossed it over to the far window of the hotel room, hitting the old air conditioning unit.  

He turned back to his woman, handburned and slowly writhing as she touched herself down below, her fingers slowly flicking her cunt hood back and forth.  He jumped on her, and then rolled off to her right side while his left hand was on his dick and his right hand pointing directly at it.  He invited her to take the drink.

She turned lifted herself up and squatted on his face, her pussy pressed against his nose and her cheeks swallowing his face as if it were a g-string getting gobbled up.  And then she leaned forward with her hands massaging his penis, and then proceeded in stroking him while she sucked ever so hard on his shaft.  The feeling of her tongue alone drove him mad in her chasm: He was in a particularly good position for himself.

After their tussle, the two climbed under the sheets and got close with each other; the girl pressing herself on top of him as she gently pecked Vermillion’s face, just above his neck and under his ears.  They were sweaty, rancid, drenched in each other’s sweat and sexual juices; and yet they didn’t mind smelling each other as if they were fresh out the shower.  

“Victoria,” said Vermillion as he gently kissed her forehead.  “You’re fucking raw.”

“Yeah,” she replied.  “And I’ll tear your ass apart.”

“I’d love to see you try.”  He responded cheekily.  “The fact that I’m bigger and stronger than you doesn’t help your chances.”

“I have massive tits.”  She replied, grabbing her left breast while she pressed the other on her stomach, pretending to breast feed him.  “I also have your balls firmly sitting between my thighs.  Your argument is invalid.”

Vermillion adjusted his hips so he could slide back into her, still erect.  “And now you have the rest of me.”

“You’re so… unnnf… horrid!” Victoria said as he moved inside her.  “Do that again.”

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