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Double eX: Chapter 0-5

Chapter 0-5: Lina.
Rating: T
Words: 1150
Genre: Romance, Action 

May 29th, 2011.  Lina Kruse’s apartment.

"Lucas," said the dainty little brunette over her Droid as she lie in her bed in darkness without any garments or undergarments on.  "Stop beating yourself up.  You knew it was going to come to this and to be honest, she’s bad for doing that to you."

Lina Kruse, 22, wasn’t your typical short-girl-with-a-tiny-waist waitress.  At five-foot-nothing standing tall, no one wouldn’t notice her unless she spoke up loudly; and that meant her voice, as she spoke from her diaphragm almost like an opera singer would, had to be loud and obnoxious.  Though not obnoxious, she was loud; but at least the things she said people listened to if they were paying attention to her bright blue eyes instead of her massive chest and bottom.  

She was Lucas and Fox’s mutual friend, a best friend and like a sister, respectively.  All three were close to each other in college; but became distant after both of the girls transferred to different schools leaving Lucas to himself in his somewhat mid-sized college town.  While Lucas was one to keep groups together as they were, Fox was one to avoid unnecessary interactions which interfered with her daily routine.  

"I was boring and lame," said Lucas as he walked out to his car, a rented bright white 2012 Mazda 3 sitting in his driveway.  "I’m not all that interesting, you know."

"And I’m fat."  Lina started sarcastically, "You’re not boring.  If you were, we wouldn’t be talking at all; and I’d probably be asleep at the moment."

"Mid-day cat nap?"  Lucas said as he entered the car and started it up.  The engine was quiet; it revved up sounding like a kitten’s purr.  

"You could say that.  I need it for work tonight."  Lina replied, turning on her right side.

"Yeah, I figured."  Said Lucas.  Lina and Lucas were closer to each other than she and Fox, mostly due to the amount of precarious situations that they had during their college days not even three years ago.  They had an intimate connection of sorts, some attraction between them that neither would act upon for various reasons.  "But what am I going to do?  This couldn’t have happened at a worse time."

"No shit, man.  First your roommates, then Fox confesses this… Lucas, are you trying to kill yourself, too?  That’s all I want to know so I can completely freak out over you for good reason."  Lina spoke.

"Well, I was on the rooftop of a building last night."  He said, thinking back to the dampness of the dumb waiter he was hiding in to evade capture by the cops.  

"Which one…?" Lina said with worry.

"The Aegon Center." He said complacently.  

Lina paused as she tried to picture him on top of anything.  She believed he had a fear of heights after he denied ever wanting to go sky diving.  ”How did you get up there?”

Lucas didn’t speak as he pulled out of the driveway and onto the street.  He turned right onto one of the main roads, heading towards the expressway.  He didn’t want to explain the rope climb or police evasion that followed, especially since half of it was Vermillion’s idea.  He also didn’t want her making any calls to agencies in the area, namely Our Lady of Peace - the nearest psychiatric ward – or any churches that would annoy him at his doorstep.  

Lina, thinking ahead, spoke first to break the silence, “you know what?  Never mind, I don’t think I want to know.  I just hope you weren’t thinking about jumping.  I don’t want to lose you as a friend and former lover; you’re one of the few guys I can trust with things.”

"What about your boyfriend?  What about Peter?"  He asked her.

"What about it?"  Lina defended herself, "I don’t like losing people.  Peter will be here for me always, at least that’s what I’m hoping."

"Especially with what he has to put up with."  Lucas jabbed.

"Oh shush!"  Lina shouted.  "He hasn’t dealt with the rest of me like you have; I want you to stay on this plane of existence so you can keep me slightly sane."

"Or whenever he leaves?"  Lucas said, this time with salt.

"He won’t leave.  He loves me too much."  Lina said with a smile that Lucas could sense over the phone.  "And if he does, we’re going out for drinks, goddammit."

"Just drinks?" Lucas said, remembering what happened the last time the two were inebriated and around each other.  "Or would it be round two?"

"Shut up."  Lina quickly retorted.  Her inner thighs twitched at the thought.  "If I wasn’t so fucked up that night…"

"Hey," Lucas stopped her.  "It’s okay.  I know I’m ugly."

Lina hated when guys did that.  The self-pity and concept of self-masochism was left more to her in the earlier high school years; Lucas was actually someone she looked to as a handsome friend she almost dated.  Had it not been for his heritage and her family’s views, she would have had him more than as a friend.  

"What the… ugh, cut that shit out."  Lina said.  "You aren’t ugly just because of Fox; and I never said you were ugly.  I wouldn’t have let you stayed if you were…”

“That would imply that I came,” Lucas replied callously.  “Which I was about to, but you know…”

“Drop it.”  Lina started.  The conversation was about to go in a direction she particularly disliked, something Lucas was notoriously known to do every time he talked with someone he had an interest in.  “So what are you up to now?”

“Going out to the woods, I need to catch some fresh air.”  Lucas told her.  “I’ve got quite a bit on my plate now; so before I dig in, I need to breathe first.  What about you?”

“Waiting for Peter to get back so I can get to work.  My car’s in the shop for some head gasket problem.”  Lina responded. “My car’s always been a piece of crap and his is so much better.”  

“Or you just want a quickie before going in.”  Lucas commented.

“Oh fuck you.”  Lina shouted, kicking her legs under the sheets and setting up quickly.

“Too far away!”  Lucas replied playfully.

"You wish you could be with me."  Lina teased.

"Don’t tempt me, especially now."  Lucas replied.  "The moment I get back from the woods, I’m coming to and blocking Fox out of my life for the moment.  The same will go for all sources of negativity.  I just need to get away from it all for a while."

"Good idea."

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